Draught Beer

The John Hewitt’s Draught Beer Selection


Guinness (Stout)

4.2%, Dublin

Guinness, our biggest seller, is enjoyed by both locals and visitors toBelfast. When you think Ireland, you think Guinness. With an initial malt and caramel flavor, Guinness Draught finishes with a dry roasted bitterness.

Harp (Lager)

4.0%, Ireland

The original Irish lager. Bright pale golden, crisp and clean, slightly bitter up front with a smooth aftertaste.

Carlsberg (Lager)

3.8%, Denmark

Probably the best lager from Denmark ~ or so we’re told! Golden, crisp and clean, a light malty taste with a dry finish.

Heineken (Lager)

5.0%, Holland

100% Barely malt, choice hops and pure water give this brew unsurpassed clarity. A golden bubbly lager, ample head, with a malty aftertaste.

Erdinger ~ Hefe (Weissbier)

5.3%, Germany

Brewed just outside Munich in the town of Erding this wheat beer is one of the great Bavarian beers. Even today, this beer is still bottle-fermented in the traditional way and brewed in accordance with the Bavarian Purity Law. Cloudy in appearance, refreshing in taste.

Hop House 13  (Lager)

5%, Ireland

Hop House 13 is a double-hopped lager made with Irish barley and aromatic hops. Guinness say Hop House is “a distinctive golden lager”. It is brewed with Guinness yeast, Irish barley and a mixture of hops from across the globe – Galaxy and Topaz from Australia and Mosaic from the USA. Hop House 13 is named after an early 1900’s hop store building at the St James’s Gate stronghold, where hops are still stored to this day

Aspall Sufflolk Cyder

5.5%, England

Created to celebrate 275 years of cyder making by 8th generation brothers Barry and Henry Chevallier Guild. This award winning cyder is light, dry, and zingy.


In addiction to our commercial beer and cider range, The John Hewitt also offers an Irish Craft Selection. We have 8 taps that rotate through some of Ireland’s finest Craft Beer Breweries. Our sections have included Hercules Brewing Company, Kinnegar Brewing, Galway Bay Brewery, Farmageddon Brewing C0-0p, Wicklow Wolf Brewing Company, Yellowbelly Beer, Boundary Brewing, and many more.

We also have a rotational cask ale pump. Beer are mostly supplied by Shepherd Neame Brewey.